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Friday, June 5, 2009

Frazier Gets Fearless, Webb Cuts Up and LeBlanc goes Hunting.

Deborah LeBlanc has moved from the keyboard to in front of the camera to take us in search of what lies beyond the shadowy curtain of urban legends and myths. If you love Deborah’s ability to craft a great horror story, make sure you tune in on the Discovery Channel, October 2009, to watch her deftly explore the dark tales of local terror that wait just outside the boundaries of your doorway. Check out Deborah above on the set.

If you want to know more about Deborah and where to find her books go to

Where Angels Fear, Sunny Frazier’s second offering in her Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries has Christy taking a walk on the wilder side when she gets involved with sex clubs, thigh highs and dead men. Not even Christy could have predicted what lay in the stars when she finds out that her latest foray in crime detecting could have her dancing an intimate samba with her new boyfriend, Rodrigo or donning dominatrix duds to solve this devilish deception. Make sure you read all about Christy's first dangerous doings in Fools Rush In. If you want to know more about Sunny and where to buy her books, go to

Betty Webb slashes into the heat of the desert with her new Lena Jones mystery, Desert Cut. The ghost of famous Native American warrior Geronimo has left an eerie legacy in the small town of Los Perdidos, AZ , a place who’s outward beauty hides some ugly truths. Modern immigration issues fuse with ancient bloody traditions as Lena discovers that small town secrets usually mean dire consequences for everyone. She may be forced to use her own brand of justice in order to resolve this hotbed of death and mystery. If you want to know more about Betty and where to buy her books, go to

When knitting is no longer a safe hobby, nothing is sacred. Maggie Sefton has already shown us the deadly twists that can knot up any good knitters work, but now she has her fast stitching heroine, Kelly Flynn up a mountain and tangled up in murder. Dropped Dead Stitch, #9 in the Knitting Mysteries series, has Kelly and her fellow knitters seeking relaxation up at a ranch resort in the mountains. Things get personal when the owner, a man who once attacked Jennifer is murdered leaving her as the prime suspect. Kelly will have to piece together the clues quickly in order to save her friend. If you want to know more about Maggie and where to buy her books, go to

Some crimes are buried, literally, so well they might never be uncovered. Such might be the case in Carol Goodman's, The Night Villa, a haunting tale of modern Capri, and its ancient past. Sophie Chase, a classics professor, is excavating the Villa della Notte where a nobleman, who carried out pagan rituals, and his family’s lives were cut short that fateful day in A.D. 79. The day when Mt. Vesuvius burst forth with its final and violent eruption. As she digs deep into the culture and the soil, she uncovers the mysterious death of their slave girl, lusta who may or may not have been a victim of the volcano or something otherworldly. Sophie unearths the last words of lusta through ancient documents discovered in the eerie subterranean labyrinth beneath the foundations of the villa, and must hurry to discover what really lies beneath the ash and dust before it vanishes forever.

If you want to know more about Carol and where to buy her books, go to

Lily Ivory, the spell spinning heroine of Juliet Blackwell's upcoming book, Secondhand Spirits, is a witch in search of a home. She finds one in eclectic, free spirited San Francisco where a witch can keep to herself and still live large. She discovers that she’s not the only outsider to fit in as it appears a bunch of phantoms are running wild, snatching children and murdering people. Lily might just have to ditch the hiding in plain sight and move into the spotlight if she’s going to end the phantoms spree of destruction. And you thought the hippies got out of hand…

If you want to know more about Juliet and where to buy her books, go to

The dead just can’t keep to themselves whenever Pepper Martin is around. Casey Daniel's latest adventure, Night of the Loving Dead, has her cemetery guide turn paranormal sleuth on a simple business trip to Chicago for a cemetery seminar. Before Pepper knows it, the seminar has turned from a snore fest to a ghoul fest. The message from the great beyond, via a female ghost with reason to know, is that Dan Callahan, the doc that Pepper's got the hots for, is in grave danger. Trouble is that Pepper should have remembered that the dead don’t stop keeping secrets just because they stopped having lips to keep them with. This is #4 in the Pepper Martin series, make sure you check out the rest to find out more about how Pepper got her unusual and sometimes unwelcome ability to converse with the dead. If you want to know more about Casey and where to find her books, go to


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