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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Sue Ann Jaffarian’s larger than size twelve heroine, Odelia Grey is back in her fourth adventure, “Booby Trap”, after a lipsmacking time in “Thugs and Kisses”. This time Odelia has to help a friend in distress whose son may or may not be a serial killer. When her friend gets chatty online with a stranger who suspiciously resembles the notorious Blond Bomber, Odelia jumps in to help. Sinful sex talk, tastelessly tainted torsos, and tough guys with ties to the murders along with lively humor make this an mystery with a plus size appeal.
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Where there’s moonlight, there must be murder. Kate George’s Moonlighting in Vermont, a Daphne aware winner, has no shortage of mayhem and mystery. Bella Bree McGowan, typesetter for the local paper, finds that life in the boonies can be dangerous to your health, as well as your freedom. She’s got a sexy Lt. who wants to put her in jail, a town that thinks she’s capable of almost anything on the wrong side of the law, and dead bodies popping all over the place. Bree might have just lost her boyfriend, and slept with the wrong guy, but she’s about to find out that moonlight can be a pretty dark place to be.
Make sure to visit Kate George’s website for more information as well as more on this great read,

Angie Fox’s straight laced Pre-school teacher Lizzie Brown may have thought finding out she was demon slayer was life altering enough in An Accidental Demon Slayer. Especially when it comes with a gang of seventy-something biker witches, led by her Grandma, a love affair with a shape shifting griffin and late night conversations with her suddenly talkative terrier. In the second book of the series, The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers she’s off to Sin City where a salacious succubi has her eye on her devilishly handsome protector, Dimitri. This demon is about to find out just how tough a Pre-School teacher can get.
Make sure to visit Angie Fox’s website for a list of all her great books,

The ability to see what lies beneath the conscious surface of our world can be a blessing and a curse. Rebecca J Vickery’s psychic Jessica Wilder knows this all too well. In Looking Through the Mist Jessica has seen enough as consultant for the FBI to compel her into retirement. The life she is building is threatened when horrific visions of child abductions force their way in. Now she has to confront whatever malevolent force is at work in these crimes as well as the skepticism of a police detective who may doubt her vision, but not the growing attraction they both feel.
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Miraculous cures, mysticism and murder fill the plot of Bleeder, John Desjarlais latest mystery thriller. After Professor Reed Stubblefield suffers the disabling consequences of a school shooting, he finds peace in rural Illinois writing a book on Aristotle. Suddenly, this reclusive haven is overcome with the afflicted seeking a cure for their ailments in the form of the new parish priest who claims the power of the stigmata. Reed, against his own reservations, is drawn into a friendship with the cleric, only to see him bleed to death on Good Friday in front of the entire parish. Was this the fatal price for the fleeting fame of being a stigmatic or something more sinister? A local reporter, Aristotle’s logic and Reed’s stubborn pursuit of the truth are all that stand between him and a devious killer.
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If you think fixing up your old house is tough, try doing it around a dead body. Avery, the renovation maven from Jennie Bently’s first in the DIY mystery series, Fatal Fixer-Upper returns in the second of this series, Spackled & Spooked. This time, Avery and her hunky handyman in crime, Derek are trying renovating a house that was once home to a decades old murder. When some resident spirits make their dislike of the new wallpaper known Avery and Derek have to utilize more than their knowledge of paint and plaster to flip this house.
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Carole Shmurak brings back Shauna Thompson from Deadmistress for new mystery set in a privileged Connecticut town. In Death at Hillard High, Shauna has been hired as the first African-American teacher in the schools history. Change doesn’t come easy to this town and soon Shauna is being subjected to cleverly cruel pranks. She turns to her old teacher for help discovering who’s behind the malicious campaign. Before Susan can determine if its student or colleague, another teacher disappears then his wife turns up dead. Susan’s soon digging deep into town secrets as she tries to uncover the truth along with the missing man.
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